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Eagle One Solutions

Vision, insight, and speed to

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Eagle One Solutions

A trusted federal partner

with a track record of success.

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Eagle One Solutions

Developing tailored solutions

that improve performance.

Eagle One Solutions Incorporated (EOSi)

Eagle One Solutions Incorporated (EOSi) has been a trusted partner within the federal marketplace since 2008. We pride ourselves in the great success we have realized, enabling organizations to efficiently and reliably accomplish their mission through the strategic application of Information Technology, Business Process, and Human Talent.
The Eagle One Solutions team offers a unique blend of technical, financial, and acquisition expertise with the ability to provide comprehensive enterprise-wide solutions. We empower our clients by providing tailored, scalable solutions with each organization’s unique mission, culture, and operational maturity in mind. We avoid fragmented strategies or conceptual solutions that are onerous to implement and favor simplicity, speed, and quality.

Eagle One Solutions

Strategy Development

From inception to creation to facilitation to execution, the Eagle One Solutions Team helps clients with tailored solutions that lead to executable strategies.

Eagle One Solutions

Performance-Based Acquisition

The federal acquisition process is highly complex. Eagle One Solutions has the knowledge, experience, creativity, and attention to detail to ensure success.

Eagle One Solutions

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How can Eagle One Solutions help you? We invite you to browse our careers page to find the job that matches your interest, or contact us directly so we can discuss how our services can help meet your needs.

Delivering Client-Centered Strategy

Every day, EOSi’s experts assist clients to overcome complex challenges. Our solutions include strategy formulation, acquisition planning and execution, project and program management, portfolio management, performance management, regulatory compliance, logistics management and human talent management. EOSi’s clients have realized:
  • SPEED & EFFICIENCY: Our expertise and experience ensure acquisitions are completed faster with lower protest risk. EOSi has designed acquisition strategies for complex, billion-dollar programs, and executed in less than 90 days.
  • LOWER COSTS: We have developed and executed strategic initiatives that rationalize contracts, reduce cost, and improve vendor performance. EOSi has saved clients in excess of 40% through improved acquisition planning and performance management techniques.
  • INCREASED FUNDING: We have helped clients realize higher funds’ appropriations due to improved strategic planning, improved business cases, enhanced investment decisions, and meticulous financial execution.
  • LASTING RESULTS: EOSi designs tailored and highly effective solutions based on specific mission, organizational maturity, financial resources, and human capital. For over 12 years our team has delivered consistent results for our customers and we are eager to learn more about your potential needs.
Eagle One Solutions has a broad array of resources, capabilities, and solutions to help our clients solve the complex problems they face. Our work is always mission-based, ensuring that we are able to meet the long-term needs of our clients each and every time.
  • Strategy Development – Agencies and organizations often struggle to develop clear, concise, and executable strategic plans. Our team has supported clients for years with tailored solutions and effective processes that lead to executable strategies.
  • Performance-Based Acquisition – The federal acquisition process is highly complex and requires knowledge, experience, creativity, and attention to detail to ensure success. EOSi experts develop effective acquisition strategies that reduce risk, ensure compliance, and improve overall performance. We deliver results throughout the acquisition life-cycle.

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