Environmental, Healthcare, & Facilities

The Environmental, Healthcare & Facilities Strategic Business Unit (EH&F SBU) Specializes in professional staffing and support services to a broad segment of Government departments and agencies through a variety of contract vehicles. The EH&F SBU is a part of Chenega Corporation - a $900M/year Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) with over 5,917 employees in 48 States, the District of Columbia, 1 U.S. territory, and 12 foreign countries.

The companies within Chenega's Environmental, Healthcare, and Facilities Strategic Business unit provide clients with wide range of services:

Environmental: environmental engineering, management, planning, logistics, consulting services, and environmental remediation;

Healthcare: clinical/medical expertise, healthcare and allied health staffing, medical information technology, home healthcare, data management, and Health IT;

Facilities: facilities and business operations support services, administrative and executive support, manufacturing, legal services, information technology services, and manufacturing.

For additional information on services, please contact info@chenegaehf.com