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Internet Usage Policy

Internet Use

Internet services have been installed in most Chenega facilities for business purposes.  Users within a Chenega facility may have access to the internet via a Chenega provided local area network, perimeter network (DMZ), or external network (Wi-fi).

  • For all Chenega issued IT devices – all access will be monitored regardless if the site accessed from is a Chenega provide network location or not.

  • The intentional viewing, connection to, or downloading of any “hate site” and/or “pornography site” is forbidden and such actions found to occur over multiple time periods shall be reported to the appropriate Human Resources Director and applicable Facility Security Officers as a potential flag for personnel security clearances.

  • Uploading Chenega proprietary or controlled information (i.e. HIPAA, PII, PCI or CUI protected information) to public filesharing sites is prohibited.  This includes many popular sites such as Box, Dropbox, Google, Apple, and Amazon Drives.  At this time only Chenega IT provided Office 365 Services are allowed to be utilized for proprietary or controlled information.

  • Chenega employs client based endpoint protection which monitors all accesses, uploads, and downloads and logs these events to central cloud based services for review based on exceptions.

  • Website categories that are blocked due to information security risk of Chenega’s data include:

  • Hacking; Peer-to-Peer (P2P); Scam/Questionable; Proxy Avoidance; Malware

  • Website categories that are blocked due to Legal Liability risk include:

    • Piracy/Copyright Concerns; Extreme; Pornography; Illegal; SPAM

Although the non-business use of the Internet may be authorized at some facilities, on all Chenega provided internet connections it is always with the following agreement:

  • Use will be on a “not to interfere” (performance, cost, etc.) basis.

  • Personal use must be kept to a minimum.

  • Viewing, connection to, or downloading of any material will not violate anything in this policy.

  • Non-work related streaming, instant messaging, and gaming are prohibited.

  • Individuals using their company association on internet sites, blogs, message boards must comply with Chenega’s Employee Social Media Policy.