Our Corporate Logo

The Chenega Corporation logo has become a recognized symbol within the Corporation’s family of companies and throughout the public and private sectors in which Chenega operates. It unites Chenega employees worldwide with a familial identity, representative of the Corporation’s history and core values.

The logo is made up of two elements: a harpoon trimmed with feathers and a hunting visor inscribed with an image depicting the original Chenega Village site on Chenega Island. The harpoon represents the Chenega people’s subsistence lifestyle.  Hunting and fishing has long been a mainstay of Chenega life. Beneath the harpoon is an Alutiiq hunting visor. The visor protects hunters from harsh elements, helping to focus their senses, both sight and hearing, on the important task of hunting prey; the visor represents The Corporation’s focus on its mission and its dedication to the long-term goals created to foster a sustainable future for the Chenega People.

Preserving Chenega’s lands, culture, and traditions is also important to the Corporation. The image of the original Chenega Village site on the hunting visor depicts a place and time where the practice of Chenega’s cultural traditions was a way of life. The three feathers on the harpoon symbolize the Corporation’s dedication to provide, protect, and preserve corporate stability and profitability for future generations.

The Chenega Corporation logo is a celebration of both an ancient way of life and modern day opportunity; its message of strength and optimism for the future symbolically grounded in the rich history of the Chenega people.