Extraordinary People. Exceptional Performance.

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Promoting and preserving

our cultural heritage.

Our Values

  • Trust – Be trustworthy. Deliver on your word.

  • Integrity – Demonstrate integrity in every decision and action. Do the right thing.

  • Respect – Respect Elders. Respect our cultural values. Respect one another. Respect yourself.

  • Innovation – Be a problem solver. Think creatively and find solutions to matters of corporate importance.

  • Commitment – Actively demonstrate commitment to all stakeholders, including the board, shareholders, employees, and customers

Core Principles

  • Deliver operational excellence and provide high-quality, cost-effective services and create lasting value for all customers

  • Be profitable to provide consistent distributions for shareholders in perpetuity

  • Embrace our quality program, which defines how we manage the business to remain ethical, compliant and operationally efficient

  • Strengthen our strategic partnerships to become a “partner of choice” for the long term

  • Manage our lands for future generations

  • Preserve and celebrate our cultural heritage

  • Provide services that will further shareholders and their families’ self-sufficiency

  • Engage in responsible business in a visionary, innovative, competitive and progressive manner

  • Attract, develop, compensate, reward, and retain a world-class workforce

  • Acknowledge and celebrate successes

  • Assist and promote the broader family of Native and disadvantaged small businesses

  • Be good citizens within our communities and contribute to meaningful causes

Culture Rooted in History

Chenega Corporation works to grow

and preserve our traditional heritage.

Chenega's mission is to achieve sustainable growth in our

businesses to support shareholders in their journey to self-

pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971.

Chenega is an Alaska Native corporation established

sufficiency, actively manage our lands, and uphold our

cultural traditions and values.

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