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Promoting and preserving

our cultural heritage.

Shareholder Investment

Pursuant to federal law, all Alaska Native corporations must be directed by an all-Native shareholder board, and 100 percent of the corporation’s profits must go back to the Native shareholders in the form of distributions, scholarships, educational assistance, Elders and health benefits, language and cultural preservation, and re-investments in the corporation that build shareholder equity and provide for healthy, sustainable corporation growth.

Shareholder Benefits

Chenega is dedicated to sustaining the wide spectrum of benefits that further enhance shareholders’ quality of life.
  • Life Insurance: The corporation provides coverage for shareholders and their descendants under the age of 26. Benefits are based on number of shares and the age of each individual.
  • Health & Wellness Assistance Program: This program offers free, confidential counseling anytime, 24/7.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program: Shareholders, spouses and descendants can receive assistance to help overcome the challenges of addiction.
  • Burial and Bereavement Benefit: To help alleviate the financial burden of funeral and burial services, Chenega offers financial support to shareholders, spouses and descendants in times of loss.
  • Faith-based Programs: Chenega Corporation continues to support the Nativity of the Theotokos Church in Chenega.
  • Community Programs: Chenega contributes to a variety of organizations and projects each year that support shareholders’ quality of life.


Capturing and publishing oral histories, online cultural education, organizing and cataloguing language, subsistence activities and workshops, and Native art and skills workshops.
Chenega Heritage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, funded in part by Chenega Corporation. Chenega Heritage promotes and preserves the cultural heritage of the Native community of Chenega and the Prince William Sound region.


Internships, youth outreach and career/life preparation, scholarships for college, vocational programs, stipends for apprenticeships an certification, career counseling, and employment assistance.


Management and administrative support to village council and improving village and lands access. Supporting community facilities construction and maintenance, acquiring additional properties adjacent to villages, and improving the overall economic well-being of our village and people. The corporation works closely with the Chenega IRA Council, a federally recognized Tribe, on  local projects and necessary infrastructure upgrades.


Chenega Future, Inc. is a nonprofit, wholly-independent foundation established and funded by Chenega Corporation, and focuses on educational and training opportunities for Chenega shareholders, spouses and descendants. Learn more.
Chenega Corporation has a long-held history of leading the way among Alaska Native corporations in providing the highest Elder and per-share distributions. Developing a comprehensive portfolio of shareholder benefits and predicable distributions is at the forefront of all board of directors’ decisions.


For more information or assistance accessing benefits, please contact:
Patti Andrews, Shareholder Services Manager, (907) 569-6912 or Margaret Bauer, Shareholder Development Manager, (907) 569-6923.

Culture Rooted in History

Chenega Corporation works to grow

and preserve our traditional heritage.

Chenega's mission is to achieve sustainable growth in our

businesses to support shareholders in their journey to self-

pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971.

Chenega is an Alaska Native corporation established

sufficiency, actively manage our lands, and uphold our

cultural traditions and values.

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